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  1. Sign Up! Enter your email address and click "Sign Up."
  2. Verify. Check your inbox for a verification email, and click the "Confirm" button at the bottom.
  3. Stay tuned for periodic updates, when we'll give you all the resources needed to make an impact.
  4.  Make a gift on Viktory Day - be one of the 800- and celebrate with us!

PLUS all Viktory Day Ambassadors receive the 2024 Viktory Day T-Shirt as a thank you! 

Be sure to share your personalized link with family and friends! The Ambassador with the most donations from their link will be able to donate $500 to the area of their choice, thanks to the generous support of GV's President's Council!

You make an impact as a Viktory Day ambassador! Help make a difference at Grand View and in the lives of Grand View students. 

Social Media Toolkit

Looking for images to share on Social Media? Check out all the images on the Ambassador Dashboard here.

Sample Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Post (Be sure to add your link to donate)

It's Viktory Day!! Join me and be one of the 800 donors to celebrate all our favorite parts of GV. Show your Viking love and donate today! (Include your link to donate here)  #ViktoryDay #VikingforLife

WE ARE VIKINGS! Happy Viktory Day! I love GV and today I celebrate Grand View by being one of 800 donors on Viktory Day. Join me and donate today! (Include your link to donate here) #ViktoryDay #VikingforLife

Sample LinkedIn Post (Be sure to add your link to donate)

Grand View University has an abundance to offer its students- in and out of the classroom and on and off the field! Today is their annual Viktory Day of Giving, our goal is to reach 800 donors to support GV in 24 hours. Join me today as we celebrate Viktory Day with a gift to your favorite department, team, or program! 

Sample Email

Dear (name),

Today Grand View University celebrate Viktory Day of Giving to support Grand View students. I appreciate all the opportunities that Grand View offers its students. Grand View students are challenged in the classroom, given opportunities on the athletic field and make an impact in their community. Join me and celebrate Viktory Day as one of the 650 donors on this day. You can make a gift here (Include your link to donate here)



What is a Viktory Day ambassador?

Ambassadors help spread the word on Viktory Day and inspire friends and family to be one of the 800 donors. #ViktoryDay ambassadors are encouraged to celebrate GV via social media, text message, email - whatever works best for you. Be sure to check out the Social Media Toolkit below for images, sample posts, and more! Each Ambassador will receive a personalized link to track how many friends and family make a gift!

What do I need to do as a Viktory Day ambassador?

There are many ways to celebrate GV on Viktory Day. Here’s how to join in:

  1. Check out our website to familiarize yourself with all the fund options, challenges, matches and leaderboard.
  2. On Viktory Day, April 23rd, share your link and all you love about GV with family and friends. Ambassador links allow you to spread the word and help our giving team keep track of donations that you bring in!
  3. Keep track of the day’s success via the leaderboards.
  4. Post on social media using #ViktoryDay, your unique referral link, and images from the Social Media Toolkit. 

I've already signed up- how do I access my ambassador dashboard?

If you've already signed up as an ambassador, click here to access the ambassador dashboard

How do I customize my unique referral link?

While it is not a requirement to select a destination for your unique referral link, doing so will send potential donors directly to the donation page of your choice and simplify the experience.

  1. Login to the ambassador dashboard
  2. Click the dropdown next to "Referred Page" and search for the desired page. Click on that page. 
  3. Copy the url that appears above the drop-down, and then use that link to direct people to the page!